Izzy's 26th Annual

       Santa Rosa Tattoo's & Blues

  • Messin' With The Kid3:09

Updates coming soon.

Tattooing, Fire Dancers and live blues bands

all weekend long!!!!

  Artist & Entertainers:

  Ace's High

  Against All Odds

 American Dream

  Anchor Rose Tattoo   

  Avenue Tattoo    

  Bad Billy Skin Gallery      www.badbillieskingallery.com

  Bad Donkey                    www.baddonkeytattoo.com

  Bert Rodriguez

  Blue Star Tattoo's    www.bluestartattoos.com

  Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

  Electric Monk      www.facebook.com/emtattoo    

  Faith Tattoo        www.facebook/faithtattoosr

  Gilded Lily           www.thegildedlilytattoos.com

  Good Time Charlie

  Hidden Pearl

  JW's Archangel Tattoo

  Judy Parker

  Lisa Steadman

  Lullaby Lounge

  Meyers Inc. 

  Shotsie Gorman    

  Skin Fiend

  South Tacoma Tattoo

  Syndicate Tattoo       www.facebook.com/syndicatetattoo 

  Tattoo's by JD's

  Tattoo Joe's         www.tattoojoesslive.com

   Team Izzy Tattoo

  Triangle Tattoo

  Triumph Tattoo

  Trust Tattoo

  Valkyrie Tattoo


 Music and Entertainment:

  Live Music - to be announced soon

  Wild Fire Dancers       www.facebook.com/wildfiredancers


  Devoted to Death

  Garage Works

  Jacqueline Thompson      www.jacquelinthompsonceramics.com

  Mythra Tattoo Supply

  North West Tattoo Museum

  Sonoma County Hells Angels    www.sonomacohellsangels.com